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17 items returned.

Item Group: Ancient artefacts
Pic Name Tags Members Quest
Ancient psaltery bridge Ancient psaltery bridge Other No No
Ancient statuette Ancient statuette Other No No
Armadyl statuette Armadyl statuette Other No No
Armadyl totem Armadyl totem Other No No
Bandos scrimshaw Bandos scrimshaw Other No No
Bandos statuette Bandos statuette Other No No
Broken statue headdress Broken statue headdress Other No No
Bronzed dragon claw Bronzed dragon claw Other No No
Guthixian brazier Guthixian brazier Other No No
Ruby chalice Ruby chalice Other Yes No
Saradomin amphora Saradomin amphora Other No No
Saradomin carving Saradomin carving Other No No
Saradomin statuette Saradomin statuette Other No No
Seren statuette Seren statuette Other Yes No
Third age carafe Third age carafe Other No No
Zamorak medallion Zamorak medallion Other Yes No
Zamorak statuette Zamorak statuette Other No No

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