Tanner -Crafting Guild-

Tanner -Crafting Guild- Shopkeeper: Tanner Type: Crafting
Members: No Quest shop: No
Currency: GP(gold) City: Falador
Location: South-west of Falador outside the city walls. Upstairs inside the Crafting Guild.
Notes: The tanning shop does not sell hides, it sells a service. You bring a hide (or hides) to be tanned and pay the fee(s), and you receive the tanned hide(s) back. Need 40 crafting and a brown apron to enter Crafting Guild.

Prices confirmed 11-May-2012
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Credits: Dragonkng198, Jaffy1, pokemama
Stock for Tanner -Crafting Guild-
Base Amount Pic Item Shop Sells For Shop Buys For High Alch GE Market
Unlimited Dragonhide -Black-* Dragonhide -Black-* 20 20 48 3,437 (3.4k)
Unlimited Dragonhide -Blue-* Dragonhide -Blue-* 20 20 24 2,772 (2.8k)
Unlimited Dragonhide -Green-* Dragonhide -Green-* 20 20 12 1,760 (1.8k)
Unlimited Dragonhide -Red-* Dragonhide -Red-* 20 20 36 3,043 (3k)
Unlimited Hard Leather Hard Leather 3 3 0 482 (482)
Unlimited Leather Leather 1 1 0 509 (509)
Unlimited Snake hide (giant)* Snake hide (giant)* 20 20 21 2,239 (2.2k)
Unlimited Snake hide* Snake hide* 15 15 21 4,398 (4.4k)
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