Sacred clay robe top

Sacred clay robe top
Examine: The sacred clay top has transformed into a heavy, magical robe. Weight: 2.00 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: 0 gp Low alchemy: 0 gp
Location: Bought at the Stealing Creation reward shop for 30 points.
Uses: Worn on the torso. If operated, this item will transform into either a sacred clay body or a sacred clay platebody.

This piece of sacred clay armour gives 24,450 bonus experience and provides an experience multiplier of 2x while training that skill. You can claim bonus experience for attack, strength, defence, ranged and magic.
Links: Stealing Creation (minigame guide)
Credits: Codistic, Cowman_133, Headnazgul, Rhyan Temar, tryto, wyvren2000
Stat Bonuses
Attack Defence
Stab Stab
Slash Slash
Crush Crush
Magic Magic
Range Range
Strength Prayer
Ranged Strength 0.0 Equipment Slot: Body
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