Lunar staff

Lunar staff
Examine: A Moonclan staff. Weight: 2.20 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: Yes Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: Cannot be alchemized Low alchemy: Cannot be alchemized
Location: Made by using a dramen staff on the air, fire, water and earth altars in that order.
Uses: Part of the outfit used to access the dreamworld during the Lunar Diplomacy Quest. Also usable to access Zanaris (the Lost City) and the Fairy Rings network.
Links: Lunar Diplomacy quest guide, Lost City quest guide, Fairy Tale pt. 2 - To Cure a Queen quest guide, Fairy Ring Network: Fairy Ring Map
Credits: Arenafiter, Cowman_133, Dormirez, Georgelemmons, Headnazgul, heymrdj, manoman, misplacedme, Neva_nix, pokemama, Remoteman, Tac_Taf04, Vhellcat, wyvren2000
Stat Bonuses
Attack Defence
Stab Stab
Slash Slash
Crush Crush
Magic Magic
Range Range
Strength Prayer
Ranged Strength 0.0 Equipment Slot: 2H Weapon
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