Ring of visibility

Ring of visibility
Examine: A ring that allows you to see things that are normally invisible... Weight: 0.00 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: Yes Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: 210 gp Low alchemy: 140 gp
Location: Obtain this Ring of visibility from Rasolo, near the entrance to the Shadow Dungeon, in a fenced area west of the fishing guild during the Desert Treasure Quest.
Uses: Use the ring to enter the Shadow Dungeon. During the Desert Treasure Quest this ring will allow you to fight the two forms of the feared Damis. It is also used in several mini-quests (links below) to make ghosts visible.

This ring is necessary in order to spot the Ghost Penguin in the Penguin Hide & Seek Minigame.
Links: Desert Treasure Quest, Shadow Dungeon (Damis Lair), Ghostly Robes, Shadow Sword, Land of the Goblins, One Piercing Note, Ritual of the Mahjarrat
Credits: ardaingeal, birdman3131, Cloughdene, gerente, idunedain, Lonew0lf1974, M0uldybread, manoman, misplacedme, MRTF, pokemama
Stat Bonuses
Attack Defence
Stab Stab
Slash Slash
Crush Crush
Magic Magic
Range Range
Strength Prayer
Ranged Strength 0.0 Equipment Slot: Ring
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