Bucket of sand

Bucket of sand
Examine: One of the components for making glass. Used in Crafting (1). Weight: 2.50 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: Yes Stackable: No
High alchemy: 1 gp Low alchemy: 1 gp
Grand Exchange
Minimum Price Market Price Maximum Price
40 (40) gp 42 (42) gp 44 (44) gp
30 Days: +61%   90 Days: +61%   180 Days: +10%
   Last Snapshot: 5:15pm, 17-Mar-2019 GMT
  • Use a bucket on a sandpit.
  • Daily reward from Hand in the Sand quest.
Uses: Use with soda ash at a furnace to make molten glass (20 crafting xp). Or use level 77 Lunar Magick spell "Superglass Make" with one seaweed or swamp weed per each bucket of sand to make around 1.3 times the amount of molten glass (10 crafting xp per sand/weed pair). The second ingredient for a Desert wyrm pouch (requires level 18 summoning.)
Links: Crafting Guide - Glass, Hand in the Sand quest, Lunar Magick Spells, Summoning Guide
Credits: Baboonick, Headnazgul, Jaffy1, misplacedme, niallsafe, pokemama, skirrie, Stan18
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