Swag bag

Swag bag
Examine: To hold an intrepid thief's loot. Weight: 0.40 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: Cannot be alchemized Low alchemy: Cannot be alchemized
Location: A possible reward from the Squeal of Fortune.
Uses: Changes your walking animation when equipped. You will also glance around when standing still.
Links: Squeal of Fortune Guide
Credits: Arceus, BloodAngel, Jaffy1, LgZach21, Red rage82, Szef_Mtp, Teemupets
Stat Bonuses
Attack Defence
Stab Stab
Slash Slash
Crush Crush
Magic Magic
Range Range
Strength Prayer
Ranged Strength 0.0 Equipment Slot: Weapon
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