Ragefire boots

Ragefire boots
Examine: A pair of powerful-looking boots. Weight: 1.00 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: Yes Stackable: No
High alchemy: 12,000 gp Low alchemy: 8,000 gp
Grand Exchange
Minimum Price Market Price Maximum Price
5,700,000 (5.7m) gp 6,000,000 (6m) gp 6,300,000 (6.3m) gp
30 Days: +38%   90 Days: +66%   180 Days: +34%
   Last Snapshot: 5:15pm, 13-Jan-2019 GMT
Location: Obtained as a drop from Glacors, which can be killed after the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest. Can also be bought from other players or the Grand Exchange.
Uses: Level 85 Defence is required to wear these boots.
Links: Ritual of the Mahjarrat
Credits: Levells, Octarine19, Salleh, Sy_Accursed, Wolffis
Stat Bonuses
Attack Defence
Stab Stab
Slash Slash
Crush Crush
Magic Magic
Range Range
Strength Prayer
Ranged Strength 0.0 Equipment Slot: Boots
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