Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: House north-east of Baxtorian Falls, speak with Almera.


Other: Be able to get past level 122 Fire Giants; and get past level 88 Moss Giant unarmed and wearing no armour.

Items: 6 Air, Earth and Water runes. Also need a few Ropes. You can get ropes from Ned in Draynor or East Ardougne's general store.


Items: A Games necklace will teleport you to the Barbarian Outpost near the house north of the falls.

Monsters: Skeleton Mage (level 28), Skeleton (level 84), Shadow Spiders (level 66), Moss Giant (level 88), Fire Giants (level 122). Note: You are not required to fight any of these monsters; you just have to get past them.

NPCs: Almera, Golrie, Hadley, Hudon

Walkthrough hide »

After talking to Almera, head around to the back of her house and board the raft there. It will take you towards the waterfall, but crash half way there. You should now see a a little boy named Hudon. Talk with him, use your rope on the rock on the next island downstream which has the option "Swim to". After that, use your rope on the dead tree on the island and you should end up at the door to the waterfall. Don't enter it yet or you will take damage.

Jump in the barrel and you will be taken down the waterfall. Enter the house just north of where the barrel took you and talk with Hadley. After that go upstairs and search the bookcase to find the book named "Book on Baxtorian". You MUST read through this book to proceed with the Quest. Read it and talk with Hadley again. After that you will have to go to the Tree Gnome Village maze and down the dungeon ladder just before the entrance to the Gnome Village.

gnome village dungeon

Go to the east and you will find a lot of crates and boxes, search them and you will find a key (this key can ONLY be found after reading the "Book on Baxtorian"). When you have the key, go west and open the jail door. Inside you will find a gnome named Golrie, talk with him and he will drop a lot of junk. You will search it and find a pebble, ask if you can keep it.

**Now bank all of your armour and weapons (and runes), get some food and charge up your prayer. Go back to Hadley's house, go up to the grave a little north-east of there. Use the pebble on the tombstone and you will be taken down into the tomb.

Note: You will not be able to enter the tomb if you have any armour or weapons or runes on you, and you cannot use prayers. So take lots of food. If using the pebble on the tomb does nothing, you probably have some prohibited items on that you need to bank. Be aware that there are level 84 Moss giants in this tomb, so have full run energy and be ready to use it! (You are not required to fight them - just survive them.)

Quest Glarials Tomb

Go west and open the chest there, search it and you will find Glarial's Amulet. If you want a spare amulet after the quest, drop this amulet and take another from the chest. Now take the southern path and search the tomb there. You will find an urn, exit the tomb again and go to the bank.

Get out the runes, rope and whatever you will need (armour, weapons and food) to get past level 122 fire giants and other monsters (keep the urn and amulet; bank the pebble just in case). Head back to the waterfall. Once again board the raft and use your rope on the rock, then your rope on the dead tree. But this time, take the amulet and enter the waterfall (you do not need to have it equipped). You will encounter Shadow Spiders right away, but the quest does not require you to fight them.
Note: Shadow Spiders drain half your prayer points.

waterfall dungeon

There will be 3 paths, one going east, one directly north and one west. Go east, and you will end up in a room occupied by level 28 Skeleton Mages and level 84 Skeletons. Again, the quest does not require you to fight them. Search the crates and you will find a key. Now go to the western path and enter the room with Fire Giants (again not required to fight them). Go all the way north and use your key on the door to open it (the same key spawns on the floor inside). Use the key on the next door to the north. You will now be in a room with 6 pillars. Use one air, one water and one earth rune on each of them, and then use your amulet on the Statue of Glarial. Do not take the Chalice, or the cave will be flooded. Instead, use your urn with the Chalice and you will have completed the quest. Good job.

You might be able to take your amulet off the statue to keep after completing the quest. However, players report that this does not work, and that you must redo the usual process to obtain a new amulet to enter the waterfall, as mentioned below.


  • 13,750 Attack and 13,750 Strength experience
  • 2 Diamonds, 2 Gold Bars and 40 Mithril Seeds (plant them to grow flowers which can be picked and wielded)
  • Can return to the waterfall to train on fire giants
  • 2 Spins on the Squeal of Fortune

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • You cannot use any prayers, weapons or armour in Glarial's Tomb, so make sure to take lots of food
  • If for you have lost your amulet, you just need to repeat the parts from the guide below the "**". If you lose your pebble too, visit Golrie again and he will give you another.


Written by: Ks Jeppe and Soul Forge

Thanks to: Baffler, Cemtey, Cowman_133, essiw, Eyehawk78, Flatlander, ForsakenMage, Headnazgul, Jaffy1, Jjjjk5, Mirrorforced, pokemama, poohead00, Rien_Adelric, Setosorcerer, Weebler00, zyurazek

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