Glacor Cave

By Warriormonkx

During the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest, players gain access to a hidden cave below the ritual site. This cave once served as Lucien's temporary holding place for the Stone of Jas, but now contains several dangerous ice creatures known as Glacors. There is also a mine near the northern entrance, where players can gather bane ore, used to create special weaponry.

Rocks: Bane Ore

Nearest Bank: Zanaris (via fairy ring DKQ)
Nearest Furnace: Zanaris (via fairy ring DKQ)

Glacor Cave Fairy Ring DKQ Glacor (level 475) Glacor (level 475) Glacor (level 475) Glacor (level 475) Glacor (level 475) Glacor (level 475) Glacor (level 475) Glacor (level 475) Movario (quest NPC) Key Bane

For more information on killing Glacors, visit our Glacor Monster Hunting Guide.

Dungeon Monsters:
Glacor: Level 475

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